Plastic moudlings


A one component product is produced by thermoplastic injection:

  • PA

  • PP

  • POM

  • ABS

  • TPE

  • PCB

  • and many more 


Within the production of plastic mouldings, we are able to ensure metal inserts.

  • our AL or Zn castings 

  • metal stampings 

  • threaded bushings 

  • mounting of subassemblies 


For your own imagination of final plastic moulding products please regard our VISTA building kit or kitchen scales on our websites.





  • 14 single-component injection-moulding machines. Clamping force from 50 up to 500 tons.

  • 17 crank and hydraulic presses for steel stamping. From 10 up to 160 tons. - Server o slévárenství hliníku a zinku Copyright © BENEŠ a LÁT, a.s. All rightd reserved. Powered by Sprinx Systems |  Sitemap

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